Horticultural Fertilisers
Product NPK Analysis
Nitrell Base/Top Dressing Fertiliser 21-1-0.45+1Mg
Vegetable Fertiliser 12-4-16+3Mg
Onion Fertiliser 6-8-15+5Mg
Potato Fertiliser (1) 6-10-10
Tree & Shrub Fertiliser (PHOSMAG) 5-18-10+5Mg
Flower & Vegetable Fertiliser 5-7.5-10+1.7Mg+TE
Flower & Vegetable Fertiliser 10-7.5-10_1.7Mg+TE (High N)
Hoof and Horn Meal
Calcified Seaweed
Nitrate of chalk
Poultry Pellets
Sulphate of Ammonia 21-0-0
Sulphate of Potash 0-0-50
Muriate of Potash 0-0-60
Single Superphosphate 0-18-0
Triple Superphosphate 0-46-0
Kieserite 15% Mg
Dried Blood 11-0-0
Magnesium Sulphate


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