Smaller Packs from Thomas Elliott

A new packaging line has come on-stream at the Thomas Elliott manufacturing plant at Skelmersdale in Lancashire.

The new line provides the facility to deliver both Thomas Elliott and customer’s own brand products in bags or tubs ranging from 2.5 kgs to 10 kgs in addition to 20 kg sacks and in bulk.

“The new packaging facility increases our ability to meet the precise needs of customers,” said Carl Welsh, General Manager at the Skelmersdale facility. “We can now deliver virtually any product from our standard ranges or customer-specific products in these smaller packs.

Anyone requiring more information about the small pack facility should email:

Liquid Fertilisers from Thomas Elliott

Thomas Elliott, best known for its granular and dry powder fertilisers and associated products, is now offering a comprehensive range of easy-to-use liquid fertilisers.

Available on 20 ltr and 200 ltr drums, the standard range includes Growmore, Tomato fertiliser, Suphate of Ammonia and Sulphate of Iron, plus range of NPK fertilisers (15 – 3 – 3, 12 – 0 – 6 + Fe,
3 – 6 – 6 +Fe, and 16 – 3 – 10.

In addition, the company can meet customer-specific requirements for liquid fertilisers, subject to minimum order quantities.

Anyone requiring more information about liquid fertilisers should email: