Thomas Elliott Fertilisers

Amenity Turf

Products ranging from blended and granule fertilisers, to liquid fertilisers catering for the modern greenkeeper and groundsmen. Classified as fine turf, outfield, mini and maxi granules we can cater for all types of sports surface ranging from golf greens to racecourses.  Our products are just as at home from high end professional sporting venues to local sports clubs.  Our range ensures that all aspects of amenity areas are catered for.

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Organic Range

A comprehensive range of both organic and organic based fertilisers catering for fine turf or outfield sports. By amalgamating various sources of organic material, and if need be adding mineral products, we can offer a wide range of fertilisers for a wide range of uses and needs.  Adding an organic component to the fertiliser will add benefits to the soils, where it can stimulate positive bacteria and micro-organisms.

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Landscaping & Gardening

Whether you are a landscaper, grounds maintenance company or just an avid gardener, we have all of your nutrient requirements right here.  From tree planting to foliar feeding to laying a new lawn, plus all of the processes in between, we can supply your needs.  Flowers, vegetables and trees are all catered for in our range of products.

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Professional Growers

From field grown vegetables to glass house grown ornamentals, Thomas Elliott fertilisers are the go to place for quality.  If you are growing hardy nursery stock, soft or top fruit or herbaceous ornamentals we can supply you with the nutritional packages you need.  We have base mixes for your composts, soluble feeds for your regular nutrition regimes, plus soil conditioners to get your soil in perfect condition for the season.

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Liquids for fine turf, outfield and professional growers.  Our range of liquid fertilisers provide nutrients for all facets of growing, no matter which crop.  Specifically designed to maximise the plants potential and health they incorporate all of what the plant needs. Keep checking in to see additions to the range.

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Welcome to Thomas Elliott Fertilisers

Thomas Elliott has been established as a manufacturer of fertilisers for over 140 years. Formed in London in 1878 as Elgar & Sons of Faversham it originally traded in stable manure and developed into a manufacturer of and trader in fertilisers for agriculture and horticulture and was acquired by Patullo, Higgs and Co Limited in 1961.

Producing a comprehensive range of fertilisers under the Thomas Elliott brand, the business moved to Skelmersdale in 1990 and later became part of the Synchemicals Group through its acquisition of John Hall (Animal Feeds) Ltd in 2007.

Today the company supplies, through distributors, comprehensive ranges of fertilisers and associated products to every sector of the market, including sports and amenity turf, horticulture and professional grower, and home and garden.

The ranges include water soluble powder fertilisers, micro and mini-granular fertilisers, pelletised fertilisers and liquid fertilisers in both organic and mineral form with added trade elements where required. Slow and gradual release fertilisers also form part of the range.

Whilst our fertilisers are available under Thomas Elliott brands, the company is now one of the UK’s leading suppliers of ‘own brand’ products to horticultural and sports turf/amenity distributors.  Our production and advanced laboratory facilities mean we can supply our customers with fertilisers formulated to meet their unique requirements.

Thomas Elliott products are produced at our own site which is registered to and complies with ISO14001:2015.

This website is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Thomas Elliott product portfolio.  Simply follow the appropriate links to find what you need.

If you require more information or have a special requirement, please complete our email enquiry form and we will respond as quickly as possible.


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